Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the traffic we send is 100% real and from genuine website users.

Yes, when starting your traffic campaign, you can target the traffic by niche, category and geographic location.

We accept a wide range of businesses, including many business types that have a difficult time getting accepted on other ad networks, but we’re currently not accepting any of the businesses that promote the following:

• Illegal or deceptive content
• Hateful content
• Cryptocurrency ICOs
• Cryptocurrency cloud mining
• Deceptive or harmful downloads

We reserve the right to refuse service for any customer. Our partners have strict rules in place, and any ad that violates these rules may be cancelled and refunded. If you’re unsure if your website meets our guidelines, please contact us and we will evaluate it for you.
Backlinks Order Refunded?
Backlinks order is only refunded if your website does not fall under the google privacy and policy for SEO Backlinks. We will refund the money with no question asked if the website reviewed process is not passed.

Usually you will start receiving traffic within 24 hours of starting your campaign.

The length of time it takes to complete your traffic campaign and deliver all your traffic depends on the quantity of visitors you have purchased. We can usually complete any sized campaign within 60 days.

All the hits you receive on your website come from an Internet Protocol (IP) address that is labelled with date and time of visit and the logging agent. You are able to see these statistics and logs in your web traffic account when you use the customized reporting feature. Our customers can receive traffic from an expired domain when a webmaster doesn’t renew their domain name. After the domain is expired, it is auctioned to the general public by domain registrars. Customers can own popular expired domains at an affordable price.

You can also find domain names that are listed in the major search engines for certain keywords you want to use. The hits you receive from the expired domain traffic are real people viewing your site. You are not throwing your hard earned money away when you buy traffic through us. There are places online that send you poor quality traffic that is able to increase your website traffic however fails at generating sales.

We don’t SPAM or use any shady techniques like BOTS while directing visitors to your website. In addition, we don’t create mass emails or write to any news groups.

A visit is a high quality visitor that is sent to your website. Many traffic companies cannot offer this service and trick the customers into believing that they are forwarding quality visitors. These traffic companies don’t send visitors that pay for product or services on your website. A visit and a hit aren’t necessarily the same. A hit is considered when web page loads without getting any major exposure by the visitor. Nowadays many people refer to hits as visits.

We run a legitimate business so we expect you to run the same. Your website needs to be legal in nature. Your site cannot have any spyware, adware, virus or trojan worms. We also don’t forward our visitors to any site that is racially discriminating, violent, or promotes illegal activities. If you have any of these on your site we can shut your traffic campaign down and we won’t offer a refund. You can check the integrity of your website by visiting

Most of the visitor traffic websites you see send low quality hits. If you decide to buy hits from them, you will never gain any sales because the hits don’t see your site. These companies trick you into buying these hits. It is evident that you will see a jump in your traffic statistics but none of the traffic will convert into an actual sale. These places send the same visitor to many sites at the same time with the help of a shady traffic software. When buying website traffic, always ask the service provider if the hits are unique on the basis of their respective IP. You should also ask how old the traffic is (12 or 24 hours) and what percentage of the campaign is considered unique (70%, 80% or 100%). Our traffic campaign is 100% unique.

We are a legitimate company that has full time employees dedicated to providing high quality and real traffic. We run our business 24/7/365 unlike others who do it part time or as a hobby. We have a customer service and support department and if you have any other questions, we will respond within 12-24 hours.

Yes you can always upgrade your web traffic package. The only thing that’s required is to reply to the confirmation email you will receive from us when you sign up for our traffic services. After we receive your request, we will update your invoice and request you to pay the difference between the two packages.

We do not offer any money back guarantee that you will generate new sales from our campaigns. We do guarantee the total number and quality of traffic we direct to your website will be consistent with the order you place. In case we are unable to target all the traffic to your website, we will send you a pro-rated refund within 24 hours. Another option is that our customer can request us to keep directing traffic until the campaign is complete. In case our customers don’t want to wait past the promised delivery date they can easily ask for a pro-rated refund.

Keep in mind that web sales are dependent on multiple factors including the product or service being offering, the content of the site, the prices of product and services and many other factors. We send you targeted visitors but our customer is responsible for closing the sale by ensure that the products and services offered are competitive and high quality. You can always create a separate promotion or ad page to forward the visitors which can definitely help in increasing your sales. You need to figure out a way to keep the customer interested enough to buy what you have to offer.

When you buy website traffic from us, your campaign will start within 24 hours. Once your campaign starts, you will see an influx of visitors. These are real people viewing your site and interested in your products or services. The number traffic that hits your websites varies from day to day and is never consistent. If you don’t receive an email from us within the first 24 hours of ordering our services, you need to check your SPAM folder.

Our targeted traffic service is very large and many of those hits are from the United States. Our traffic server directs hits to your site at specific time every day and it will continue to direct until your daily limit is reached.

Our customers need to remember that our targeted traffic is not like turning on a faucet and then turning it off. These visits come from many campaigns and people are online at all hours of the day and night. Many people shop, surf and participate in social activities that lead well into the night.

High bounce rates are common with expired traffic. When a hit clicks on an expired domain name, they are redirected to your site. They aren’t expecting your website and they may try to close the window because they think they are in the wrong place. If you have an attractive website with quality content and images, then you could attract many hits instead of having them close your website. This can be highly profitable when compared to pay per click ads that can cost up to $10 per click. We only charge $0.00056 per hit. The better your content, the greater the chance you will get a sale out of the visit.

All the above mentioned sites are redirecting sites. Our targeted traffic services do accept redirecting URLs. The Clickbank web pages often have sound or videos. Our targeted traffic does tolerate these features including pop-ups. Directing traffic to redirecting sites can result in visitor complaints. You are able to buy hits as an affiliate for other websites, networks and CPA offers. In that case you need to give us the affiliate link URL.

If you promote an affiliate or CPA offer site, then you need to alert the affiliate manager or network that you are buying traffic. There are networks that don’t allow this and your affiliate account could be suspended. We aren’t responsible for any revocation or suspension of accounts when you use our traffic services indirectly or directly.